Quieter moments, reflection, natural environments, a good book, a pulling listen. A continuing project to uncover the eddies of subtlety and unhurried expression, Cosh's new album, "PONDER", slowly meanders down the old trail in the woods - no rush, no agenda. Stopping here and there to take it all in, to pendulum between the whole and parts, letting pieces that fit together do so, and then taking them apart again to see if others might do so better.



PONDER is two albums in one... evocative and down-tempo describe the first half... Edgeless enough to not grab your attention too strongly from the book you are engrossed in while sipping tea. The second half is decidedly ambient, and almost entirely beatless, setting the imagination adrift, anticipating its return after letting it become witness - to itself, it's environment, its presence.



These two sides of Cosh's peaceful creative output are executed with skill and achieve a sense of space and curiosity which does not fail in drawing the listener deeply inside. Whether its staring out the window, on a couch in a dimly lit room, greeting the morning with coffee and sunlight, or even delighting in the details with headphones on, in the dark.... Take a couple of hours and just drift.



Rob Cosh


| Awesome News - PONDER has been picked up by the longtime amazing netlabel, Magnatune.  Honoured to be part of that amazing group of artists and music lovers! |