Rob Cosh is a freelance audio engineer/producer and composer.  His recording/mixing credits include: Brad Sucks, The Peptides, Jam Toast, Grill Shots, Rob Meyer, Gert, Shot Pounder and Margaret Tobalowska.    Rob has also released music as “thehipcola”.   While likely to be found in the studio sculpting sound, he’s also been spotted meditating, camping, tuning pianos and designing websites.


As a lover of all music, Rob has explored many divergent styles of music under a variety of names – most notably, “thehipcola”.   His most recent release, PONDER, is released under his name and is a reflection of his desire to surf the inner world and chart it's territories.   He spent alot of time collecting ambient sounds from nature to weave through the tracks, lending an organic feel to the project. While the music is startlingly different than his first release as “thehipcola” entitled SOUNDTRACK, PONDER represents a continuation of Rob's fascination with underpinning life's journeys with music.


Rob Cosh